Friday, December 31, 2010

Received : Sirkka, Finland

Fri 31/12 (6:53 pm)

And when I went home from going out with my mom, I found another postcard for me, yeaahh.. this is my last postcard in 2010, hopefully I will get so much more in 2011 ;)

the card (FI-970851).. i was wondering what was that in the middle? *hmm*

lovee the stamp!!

the shape is unique

Fri 31/12 (7:00 pm)

Received : Jeanine, USA

Fri 31/12 (6:35 pm)

La la laa.. earlier today my niece came to me and said, "I saw something orange in the mailbox, maybe it's a card for you", and turned out it did for me, woohoo..

the postcard (US-940737)

lovely stamp!

and this is also a nice stamp ;)

Thank you, Jeanine :D

Fri 31/12 (6:50 pm)

Direct : Silvia, Indonesia

Fri 31/12 (6:30 pm)

I got this Christmas card from Via.. it's the same card that I meant to buy myself couple of months ago, hihihi.. isn't it funny how sometimes we did get what we wanted but not exactly the way we thought it would be? :p

Enjoy your last day in 2010, Viaa.. and see you next year ;)

Fri 31/12 (6:34 pm)

Direct : Lusia, Indonesia

Fri 31/12 (6:19 pm)

When I first saw this card, I was excited to know that I got my very first card from Dubai! But when I turned the card, I felt familiar with the stamp, and when I read the message.. turned out the card was from a friend of mine, wakakakakakak :p

Thanks for the card, girl, you did surprise me ;)
Fri 31/12 (6:28 pm)

Direct : Lora, Russia

Fri 31/12 (6:13 pm)

I got this card from Lora, she sent the card from Finland when she was having a vacation there. It's an interesting card about the weather in Helsinki.

Thanks for the card, girl, wish you had a nice time in Finland ;) And Merry Christmas to you, too ^.^

Fri 31/12 (6:18 pm)

Direct : Onit, The Netherlands

Fri 31/12 (6:04 pm)

I got a handmade card from Onit, and it's a moo-card ^o^

Thank youu, Onit ;)

Fri 31/12 (6:09 pm)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Direct : Ronny, Germany

Sun 19/12 (9:11 pm)

Ronny from Germany sent me a message for direct swaps.. and in his profile page he wrote his address for direct swaps, but my message to him to confirm the address hasn't been answered yet, huhuhu..

But I decided to send the card anywayy.. hopefully it will arrive safely in his place :)

Sun 19/12 (9:28 pm)

Direct : Michalina, Poland

Sun 19/12 (9:06 pm)

Michalina sent me a message asking for direct swap, of course I'd love to.. and when I asked her which postcard she'd like getting from me, she told me to choose one myself to surprise her so I did.. and I'm not gonna upload the pic until she gets it, ahahaha..

Hopefully she likes my card's selection :)

Sun 19/12 (9:07 pm)

Direct : Georgina, Ireland

Sun 19/12 (8:59 pm)

This is the card that I pick for Georgina, hope she likes it.. she hasn't replied my last message about her selection of cards but since I have only limited time to post the card on Monday (Dec 20) and won't be able to do until Dec 29, so I decided to send this one.. if she then chooses another one, I'll send it later to her, huehehehe..

Sun 19/12 (9:04 pm)

Keep The Track

Sun 19/12 (8:51 pm)

Okayy.. so I feel like I need to keep track of the postcards I've sent for direct swaps, ahahaha..

Here are the cards that I'm gonna post on Monday (Dec 20) and these ones goes to :

Ronny - Germany
Flavio - Italia
Maria - Russia
Dede - USA
Alicia - Argentina
Michalina - Poland
Georgina - Ireland

That's all the direct swaps for now.. the next ones probably be next year cause I might not be able to online from Dec 21 - Dec 28.

Holidays to youu ;)

Sun 19/12 (8:54 pm)

Direct : Alicia (Argentina), Dede (USA) & Maria (Russia)

Sun 19/12 (10:33 am)

Since the postcards I'll send for them have the same images, I will post the pic only once here, hahaha..

Hopefully these cards will come to their places safe and sound ;)

Balinese dancer

Sun 19/12 (10:40 am)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Direct : Flavio, Italia

Sat 18/12 (8:20 pm)

I forgot from which profile page that I stumbled upon Flavio's page but since he's open for direct swaps, I then sent him messages asking for a swap.

And here's the card he chooses..

Balinese Water Temple

I'm gonna post this card on Monday (Dec 12).

I'm busy sending cards for direct swaps, ahahaha.. but oddly is.. since I had a mailbox couple of days ago, I never had any cards, uhuhuhu :(

Sat 18/12 (8:31 pm)

Stamps : Indonesia-2

Sat 18/12 (7:37 pm)

Here are another stamps from my countryy..

Chinese Zodiac edition.. if you notice, the big one in the center is also a stamp! ahahahaha..

i was soo happy when the mail lady informed me that she got new stamps for me that i didn't notice that the designs were actually only 2 birds! wakakakakak :p

and these ones are the traditional games from my country, we usually play them on Independence Day

Sat 18/12 (7:56 pm)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Direct : Anna, Russia

Thu 16/12 (10:57 pm)

And tomorrow I will also sent this card for Anna for direct swap :D

Balinese dancer
I first sent this card to Yuyu, China and when he registered my card, about 9 people added the picture to their fave list so earlier today I went to the bookstore to buy some other cards with the same images and asked some people who liked the picture if they want to swap with me or not :D

Anna is the first who responds to my message and tomorrow I will send the card to her ;)

Thu 16/12 (11:14 pm)

Sent : Hanna, Finland

Thu 16/12 (9:38 pm)

I will mail this card tomorrow for Hanna in Finland.

ID-7887 (I like the numbers.. it's like mirroring, haha :p)

Thu 16/12 (10:04 pm)

Direct : Claudia, Ireland

Thu 16/12 (9:01 am)

I asked Claudia for direct swap.. cause I never got any card from Ireland, hahaha.. She said in her profile that oftentimes she sent postcards for direct swaps but seldom got the swapped cards so that for anyone who wanted to direct swaps with her, should be the one who send the card first.

I don't mind.. and here's the one I choose for her.. hope she likes it ;)

Fishing boats

Hope it won't take long for this card to arrive at her place :D

Thu 16/12 (8:44 pm)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Available For Swap(s)

Wed 15/12 (10:07 pm)

I'm thinking of uploading my stocks of postcards so that anyone who might be interested in direct swapping with me might choose which card they'd like to receive.

Each postcard has either the name of my country or the city below the image with little piece of information about the picture.

Here are some available cards.. I only got one for each image, and the first one who ask for it will be the one who will receive it for swaps :)

candi borobudur

green canyon1

green canyon2



gedung sate

green canyon3

Jakarta's National Palace
Gili Meno, Lombok
*more pictures coming soon*

The more I think about the idea, the more I love it, ahahaha.. let's just hope that my connection will behave well, otherwise it might took forever for me to upload the pics, huhuhu..

If you'd like to see more postcards of Indonesia, the ones that are available within my reach, come and have a peek at my "sent postcards", I can't promise that I could get you the same image, but at least I could try to find it for you for the swaps ;)

Will be looking forward to hear from you :D

If you're interested.. drop me a message via my Postcrossing's profile page..


Wed 15/12 (10:30 pm)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Received : Sherry, USA

Tue 14/12 (6:52 pm)

My very 1st recipe card from Sherry, and I lovee it! Don't you think it looks yummyy? :q


Tue 14/12 (7:00 pm)

Sent : Miss Jodi, USA

Tue 14/12 (6:18 pm)

Surprisingly in Miss Jodi's profile she said that she loved ad-card! Cause oftentimes I found many others said in their profile that they didn't like ad-cards.

So after browsing around, I remembered an ad-card from my friend from the place she used to work so that's the one I sent to Miss Jodi, hope she likes it.


Tue 14/12 (6:25 pm)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Received : Ada, Turkey

Mon 13/12 (3:37 pm)

I got a card today, from Turkey, a lovely card of a young child holds the hand of an elder one.

The funny thing about this card is.. appearantly.. the card had been missent to Thailand! Wakakakakak.. how do I know that? Because it stamped above my name "missent to Thailand", ahahahaha..

No wonder it took 55 days to get to my place :p


Thanks, Ada & Umur ;)

Mon 13/12 (3:43 pm)

Sent : Daniel, USA

Mon 13/12 (12:24 pm)

I've just finished making this card for Daniel who doesn't mind getting handmade cards.. and since it has been a while since I made and sent any handmade cards, so I decided to make one for him, hope he likes it.


Ohh.. I forget the code for this card, haha.. but I haven't sent it yet.. maybe tomorrow, along with another card to USA, too..

Happy Monday and have a loving one..

Mon 13/12 (12:31 pm)

Sent : Desy, Indonesia

Mon 13/12 (12:17 pm)

And here's one that I sent for Desy ;)

I miss her! Desyy.. when will we go out together again?!

Mon 13/12 (12:27 pm)

Direct : Iveta, Czech Republic

Mon 13/12 (12:07 pm)

Iveta from Czech Republic sent me a message, asking for direct swap, if possible she wanted a specific card like the one I sent to Ukraine. I told her that I needed to look for the card first cause I didn't have the stock with me and I found what she wanted and here it is..

As for the swap, I asked for Christmas postcard, I really want one cause there's none available here, huhuhu.. I even asked the sales person last night, "Where's the Christmas cards?" but he said that it hadn't arrived yet, whaatt.. I mean Christmas is around the corner but the stocks ain't ready yet until now?! Hmpphh.. why couldn't he just say that there wouldn't be any Christmas postcards :(

Mon 13/12 (12:16 pm)

Sent : Tiago, Portugal

Mon 13/12 (11:56 am)

This is my 2nd postcard to Tiago, cause the 1st one didn't arrive at his place, huhuhu..

Hindu Temple (ID-6903)
Hopefully this time this card will arrive safely in Tiago's place ;)

Mon 13/12 (12:13 pm)

Sent : Lusia, Indonesia

Mon 13/12 (11:52 am)

I've written this postcard since Dec 9 but just got the chance to post it today, hahaha..

Mon 13/12 (11:56 am)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stamps : European Countries

Sun 12/12 (11:38 am)

And here are the stamps from European countries, cause there's only one or two stamps from each countries, I've decided to put them in one post here..

Sun 12/12 (12:27 pm)