Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Available For Swap(s)

Wed 15/12 (10:07 pm)

I'm thinking of uploading my stocks of postcards so that anyone who might be interested in direct swapping with me might choose which card they'd like to receive.

Each postcard has either the name of my country or the city below the image with little piece of information about the picture.

Here are some available cards.. I only got one for each image, and the first one who ask for it will be the one who will receive it for swaps :)

candi borobudur

green canyon1

green canyon2



gedung sate

green canyon3

Jakarta's National Palace
Gili Meno, Lombok
*more pictures coming soon*

The more I think about the idea, the more I love it, ahahaha.. let's just hope that my connection will behave well, otherwise it might took forever for me to upload the pics, huhuhu..

If you'd like to see more postcards of Indonesia, the ones that are available within my reach, come and have a peek at my "sent postcards", I can't promise that I could get you the same image, but at least I could try to find it for you for the swaps ;)

Will be looking forward to hear from you :D

If you're interested.. drop me a message via my Postcrossing's profile page..


Wed 15/12 (10:30 pm)

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