Thursday, October 28, 2010

Received : Pirjo, Finland

Thursday 28/10 (6:53 pm)

I kinda lost track in time, ahahaha.. feels like it has been ages since the last time I received my last postcard and finally today another one arrived from Finland, it's from Pirjo :D

a lovely view of Bothnian Sea
And today I bought some other stamps, huehehee.. it's always nice to see some new stamps in my collection to be put on the postcards I will send.. come come my postcards, please arrive at the receivers soon cause I can't wait to send another ones :p

Thursday 28/10 (6:59 pm)

a wonderer soul

Monday, October 25, 2010

Direct : Via, Indonesia

Monday 25/10 (3:14 pm)

And Viaa.. I've got your card! Thank youu.. what a lovely flower ;)

Here's the pic..

this flower is called 'Titan Arum'
And it rains right now, yihaa.. happyy happyy happyy :D

Monday 25/10 (3:20 pm)

a wonderer soul

Received : Laura, USA

Monday 25/10 (3:13 pm)

Hooraayy.. finally I got another card today, ahahaha..

It's from Laura, USA, and she's taken the pic herself, wonderful!

Here's the pic..

what do you say this in English? dragonfly? it's 'capung' in my language, hehehe :)

La la laa.. what a way to start my Monday, yihaa..

Monday 25/10 (3:18 pm)

a wonderer soul

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sent : James, United Kingdom

Saturday 23/10 (8:00 pm)

Yesterday I also sent a card for James, United Kingdom. He doesn't mind handmade card so I draw one for him.. here's the card that are being sent to another part of the world..

flying all the way to united kingdom
Happy weekend to you all ;)

Saturday 23/10 (8:15 pm)

a wonderer soul

Direct : Onit, The Netherlands

Saturday 23/10 (7:32 pm)

Yesterday I sent a card to Onit.. I was kinda confuse what card should I pick to be sent to her, ahahaa.. so I ended up buying this card for her..

for the newly wed ;)
Maybe next time I'll send her a scenery card, ahahaha :p

Hope you like it, Nit ;)

Saturday 23/10 (8:04 pm)

a wonderer soul

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Direct : Heli, Finland

Thursday 21/10 (8:13 pm)

Today I received a card from Heli, Finland..

Here's the card..

a lovely drawing by Heli, love it!

Thanks for the drawing, girl.. hopefully you have got my card ;)

And here's the one I sent to her..

Heli's name :)

Thursday 21/10 (8:21 pm)

a wonderer soul

Direct : Silvia, Indonesia

Thursday 21/10 (6:45 pm)

Today I post a card for Viaa ;)

Here's one that I drew for her..

row row row your boat to the isle of your dreaaamm..
Hopefully she will like it ;)

Thursday 21/10 (7:06 pm)

a wonderer soul

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sent : Nastya, Russia

Tuesday 19/10 (11:27 am)

And here's the card that I pick for Nastya, in her profile she said that she wasn't really into collecting postcards, she just loved getting them and reading people's stories.. hmm, it makes it easier to pick card to her, ahahaha :D

Balinese Dancers (ID-7041)
Aahh.. I've just realized that I could send her my handmade cards, ahahaa.. but I'm not in the mood for drawing today, huhuhu.. oh well.. maybe another time :)

Tuesday 19/10 (12:31 pm)

a wonderer soul

Direct : Lora, Russia

Tuesday 19/10 (11:25 am)

Another direct swap with Lora ;)

In her profile page she said that she liked a waterfall picture and luckily I could get one waterfall postcard when I was browsing the bookstore, ahaha..

Here's the card..

Gitgit Waterfall, Bali
Sadly to say, although I've been to Bali for couple of times but I haven't got the chance to see this waterfall cause I usually only ended up at the beach, wakakakak :p

Tuesday 19/10 (11:55 am)

a wonderer soul

Sent : Marja, Finland

Tuesday 19/10 (11:22 am)

Today I sent 3 postcards : two are being sent to Russia and one more to Finland.

And here's the one to Marja in Finland..

Tanah Lot, Bali (ID-7010)
And since I couldn't find the mobile post, I posted the card in the mail box, hopefully it still arrives safely, ahahaha :p

Tuesday 19/10 (11:53 am)

a wonderer soul

Monday, October 18, 2010

Handmade : For My Own Amusement

Monday 18/10 (1:01 pm)

Yesterday I was in the mood for drawing so I drew some pictures, ahahaa..

Here are the results..

dunno why I like this one even though i think it's not a good drawing, ahahaha..

maybe i should stick to black and white :p

hang in there, mouse! even when you're having on a thread, don't give up your hope!
I'm in the mood to draw so I'm gonna draw some more.. whether I'm gonna send the drawings or not.. well, that's another question, wakakakakak :p

Monday 18/10 (1:06 pm)

a wonderer soul

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Handmade : Julita Manik

Sunday 17/10 (6:33 am)

I made this one for one of my fave blogger and fortunately I got the chance to give her directly last evening, ahahaha..
JM is for Julita Manik
Well, happy Sunday to you all ;)

Sunday 17/10 (7:35 am)

a wonderer soul

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sent : Tiago, Portugal

Wednesday 13/10 (9:22 am)

And yesterday I also sent a card for Tiago, Portugal and here's the card that I chose for him..

a pic of Uluwatu Temple in Bali (ID-6903)
Hopefully it won't take much time to get to his place, ahahaha..

Wednesday 13/10 (9:28 am)

a wonderer soul

Sent : Another Ones For My Family

Wednesday 13/10 (8:50 am)

Yesterday I sent another cards for my family, one for my mom, one for my sister and the other one for my niece..

Here are the cards :

for my mom for she likes this pic so much when she first saw it

for my niece and she's as cute as the girl on the pic ;)
for my sister, the same image like i got from her daugther, haha :p
I wonder how long will it take for the cards to come to my house, huehehehe.. I even thought that it would be much faster and cheaper if I just put a stamp on it with the smallest nominal of stamp and ask the Mail Lady to mark a date and then I bring them home again, wakakakakak :p

Wednesday 13/10 (9:18 am)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Receive : From Fairy, My Niece

Saturday 9/10 (11:51 pm)

Around mid-day, Fairy came to my bedroom and handed me a postcard.. when I read what she wrote in her card, I felt that it was soo sweett.. she said that she had been waiting for another card from me and at the end of her writing, she asked me to reply to her and she ended by saying that she loved me..

Ohh.. how sweet is that one, eehh? ;)

Here's the card..

from Fairy

I'll be waiting for your next card, too, Fairy and thank you for your loving words.. I love you, too!! *hugs*

Saturday 9/10 (11:57 pm)

a wonderer soul

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sent : Caramel Porcupine, USA

Thursday 7/10 (11:38 am)

Today I sent a card to Caramel Porcupine in USA, I don't know her real name cause in her address she just referred to her nickname on Postcrossing.

She specifically asked for a birthday postcard to surprise her boyfriend and this is the card I choose for him..

Miaaww.. I'm coming to USA, better have some delicious mice there :q
Thursday 7/10 (12:03 pm)

a wonderer soul

Sent : Nikki, The Netherlands

Thursday 7/10 (11:33 am)

Yesterday I've posted a postcard to Nikki, The Netherlands.. in her profile page she said that she didn't mind a self-made card, so I made one for her :)

For Nikki, The Netherlands (ID-6787)

On the same day I've also sent a card to Heli, Finland, but I'll wait for her to get the card first before uploading it here, hehehe..

Thursday 7/10 (11:38 am)

a wonderer soul

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sent : For My Families

Wednesday 6/10 (5:28 pm)

These postcards will go to my families, huehehehe.. My niece once asked me why did I have to send the card while I could give it directly to the person? Well.. it feels different if you get a card through the postal service, it shows how you reallyy want to give it, ahahaha..

Dunno how to explain it :p

But I guess.. If I'm willing to "brighten up someone's day" (well, I do hope the postcards that I sent to fellow Postcrossers did brighten up their days in some ways, ahahaha), someone who I don't even know.. why wouldn't I do it to my own family, too? ;)

And by far, I've sent a handmade card for my Mom, regular postcards for my niece and nephew..

And these next postcards will be sent to my Father and my 2 brothers.. still need to find the 'right' card for my sister, hehehe..

Here are the cards..

This is for my oldest brother

This is for my older brother

And this one is for my father
Well.. hopefully they will like 'em cause I've chosen the cards carefully, ahahaha..

Wednesday 6/10 (5:46 pm)

a wonderer soul

Direct : 20th from Onit, The Netherlands

Wednesday 6/10 (5:16 pm)

My received postcards now are more than the number of postcards that I sent, dunno why, ahahaha.. that was why I didn't expect much when I got home today and asked whether there was a postcard for me, it was like a common question, hihihi.. so I was a bit surprised when my mom said there was one for me.

Turned out that it was from Onit, hehehe.. thanks, Nit! I didn't know you had sent your postcard cause I thought with all the bustle of your big day, you wouldn't have time to post your card before you were heading back to our home country ;)

And it's a cow card!! Loveeee it!!

Ooohh, Mr. P!! Why did you have to fold the card? :(
Cows are on my list of top 3 animals, ahahaha.. my other fave animals are polar bears and penguins :D

Mooo.. love it, thanks, Nit!!

Wednesday 6/10 (5:23 pm)

a wonderer soul

Monday, October 4, 2010

19th From Vicky, Taiwan

Monday 4/10 (3:13 pm)

Today I got another postcard from Postcrossing, my 14th from Postcrossing and my 19th overall cards.

The card is from Vicky, Taiwan, and here's the pic of the card..

"Romantic Road"

It's kinda remind me of the tourism object near my city, Puncak, hehehe :D 

Thanks, Vicky ;)

Monday 4/10 (3:35 pm)

a wonderer soul

Direct : Elena, Russia

Monday 4/10 (3:24 pm)

Another direct swaps with fellow Postcrosser from Russia, this time with Elena :D

Here's a card from her :

A lovely handmade card from Elena, love it!

And here's the one I send to her :

the one I sent to Elena (haven't got confirmation yet whether she has got it or not)
Monday 4/10 (3:41 pm)

a wonderer soul

Direct : Lora, Russia

Monday 4/10 (3:19 pm)

Huehehe.. I've decided to make a separate post for my direct swaps post.

Here's the card that I get from Lora, Russia..

A lovely view of St. Petersburg

And here's the card that I sent to her..

the one I sent to Lora
Monday 4/10 (3:44 pm)

a wonderer soul

Friday, October 1, 2010

Try To Colour The Drawing

Fri 1/10 (11:31 am)

Happy October!

Wooww.. 9 months have officially passed us by in 2010 and now it's time to welcome the 10th month of the year!

I start this new day by drawing a pic, ahahaha..

And this time I try to colour my drawing, ermm.. feels kinda weird but I gotta say it turned out not as bad as I thought it would be, wakakakakak :p

Here's the pic :

rainy girl
And looks like it's gonna rain here today, ahahaha.. but rain or shine, may the sun always shine in your heart ;)

Have a nice weekend!

Fri 1/10 (11:37 am)

a wonderer soul