Thursday, September 30, 2010

For My Bro's Birthday

Thu 30/9 (8:01 pm)

Today is my brother's birthday and I've decided to make him a handmade card this year :)

Here's the card :

Happy birthday to you, wish you all the best!
Thu 30/9 (8:11 pm)

a wonderer soul

18th From David, United Kingdom

Thu 30/9 (4:19 pm)

When I went out from my mom's room, I found out that I got a postcard today via Postcrossing, yihaa ^o^

This is my 18th received postcards, the 13th one from Postcrossing ;)

Thank you for the wonderful postcard, David :D

And here's the picture :

From David, United Kingdom (GB-169717)

Happy Postcrossing and may the sun always shine in your heart, everyone! Take care ;)

Thu 30/9 (4:25 pm)

a wonderer soul

Handmade Cards

Thu 30/9 (2:17 pm)

I stumbled upon 2 blogs which most of their posts were about Postcrossing and I think it's fun to have a blog to display all the postcards that I received or sent or made, huehehehe..

So I made this blog, but sadly to say as for my early sent postcards, I don't have quite a good quality of photos, ahahaa.. cause I only took pictures for documentation :p

So next time I'm gonna take a better shot on the postcards I sent..

Meanwhile.. enjoy my handmade cards, hehehe..

For Yen
For Ane
For Gratcia

For Jorge, Argentina

For Lusia

For Imel

For Depz, Lombok

For Mei

For Onit

For Yus

For Onit's wedding
I don't know what they think about these, but hopefully they like them, hihihi.. do you think it's good or not? But I love making these kind of drawings, I call 'em "decorative letters" ;)

Thu 30/9 (3:09 pm)

a wonderer soul

Received Postcards

Thu 30/9 (2:36 pm)

And here are my received postcards by far :

From Barbara, Australia

From Cindy, USA

From my niece

From Gosia, Poland

From Guliver, Czech Republic

From Heide & Christian, Germany

From Marlina, Russia

From Marlene, Germany

From Michelle, China

From Noelia, Spain

From Sig, Canada

From Hillel, USA

From John, The Netherlands

From Leng, Singapore

My 1st ever received card via Postcrossing from Kasia, Poland
Those are all the postcards I've got by far, can't wait for another ones to come ;) I lovee Postcrossing!

Have a nice dayy!

Thu 30/9 (2:50 pm)

a wonderer soul