Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Received : Joe, USA

Wed 29/6 (4:11 pm)

It's interesting to see a card like this :)

Wed 29/6 (4:19 pm)

Sent : Isabel, USA

Wed 29/6 (4:08 pm)

A post office in Yogyakarta.

Wed 29/6 (4:11 pm)

Received : Helga, Germany

Wed 29/6 (3:47 pm)

It's soo thoughtful when  someone sends you a card that you put in your favourite page ;) Thank youu, Helga :D

Wed 29/6 (4:10 pm)

Sent : He MingYing, China

Wed 29/6 (3:40 pm)

Another Balinese dancers' card, this time to China to meet MingYing.

Wed 29/6 (4:02 pm)

Direct : Malle, Estonia

Wed 29/6 (10:26 am)

A birthday card and some postcards are being sent Malle's way ;)

birthday cat


jambu dancers

Irian Jaya
Wed 29/6 (11:07 am)

Direct : Grethe, Norway

Wed 29/6 (9:48 am)

Some cards are being sent to Grethe's way and she has informed me that the cards have arrived :)

Candi Borobudur

Jogja's post office

Elaborate offerings
Wed 29/6 (10:30 am)

Sent : Evelien, The Netherlands

Wed 29/6 (9:42 pm)

This is one of the most favourite cards I have ever sent, ahahaha.. and I swapped the very same cards with some other Postcrossers who liked this card ;)


Wed 29/6 (9:47 am)

Sent : Gillian, Australia

Wed 29/6 (9:40 am)

A Balinese says hello to Gillian in Australia :D


Wed 29/6 (9:45 am)

Received : Earney, Austria

Wed 29/6 (9:36 am)

My very 1st Lisi Martin's card and it's soo lovely!!


Wed 29/6 (9:40 am)

Received : Charlotte, United Kingdom

Wed 29/6 (9:30 am)

Charlotte wrote in her card that this might be a place where fairies hanged out, and I agree, huehehehe ;)


Wed 29/6 (9:36 am)

Received : Cathy, USA

Wed 29/6 (8:31 am)

Cathy generously sent me a card, thank youu..

Wed 29/6 (9:27 am)

Received : DotDot, Finland

Wed 29/6 (8:32 am)

Another cute card from Finland, thank youu..


Wed 29/6 (8:38 am)

Received : Claus, Germany

Wed 29/6 (8:01 am)

A lovely card from Germany ;)


Wed 29/6 (8:29 am)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sent : Ekaterina, Belarus

Mon 27/6 (9:18 pm)

Tue 28/6 (10:23 pm)

Resend : Cathy, USA

Mon 27/6 (9:06 pm)

Resend cards are sent to US.. after rethink about this, I've decided to follow one of fellow Postcrosser's advice, just to let go of the 'expired' cards, ahahaha..

Tue 28/6 (8:28 pm)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Direct : Angie, Italia

Mon 27/6 (8:07 pm)

Finally Angie cards arrived at my place.

Mon 27/6 (9:12 pm)

Sent : Anneli, Finland

Mon 27/6 (8:46 pm)

One day I wish I could make something that I could wear, like that the lady in the pic did, hehehe..

Mon 27/6 (9:04 pm)

Sent : Anna, Poland

Mon 27/6 (8:43 pm)

I've just realized that an aerial view like this is interesting :)

Mon 27/6 (9:00 pm)

Sent : Ying-Lung, Taiwan

Mon 27/6 (8:08 pm)

Boat and sunset seem like a perfect combination for a card, hehe :)

Mon 27/6 (8:20 pm)

Sent : Anja, Germany

Mon 27/6 (7:47 pm)

Another Balinese woman's card is being sent, this time her destination is Germany ;)

Mon 27/6 (8:16 pm)

Sent : Yelena, Russia

Mon 27/6 (7:34 pm)

I'm soo happy when I found this card cause it wasn't something that you found everyday, wakakakakak..

Mon 27/6 (7:41 pm)

Sent : Victorija, Lithuania

Mon 27/6 (7:28 pm)

And this one was sent to Lithuania.

Mon 27/6 (7:38 pm)

Direct : Tuula, Finland

Mon 27/6 (6:40 pm)

Direct swap with Tuula, I always love it when I swap cards with a Finnish cause Finland has such a large collection of my fave cards, ahahahaha..

Mon 27/6 (7:27 pm)

Received : Tiina, Finland

Mon 27/6 (6:28 pm)

A cute Christmas card from Tiina ;)


Christmas stamp
Mon 27/6 (7:17 pm)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Direct : Susanna, Finland

Sat 25/6 (10:54 pm)

And here are the cards that I get from her ;)

beautiful view of Corfu, Greece

Corfu's map

as always, any Inge Look's cards are more than welcome, ahahaha ;)

Sat 25/6 (11:23 pm)

Direct : Susanna, Finland

Sat 25/6 (10:52 pm)

Susanna is one of some people that I regularly swap with, it has been a pleasure to swap cards with her and exchange stories ;)

I think it would be funny if one day we send each other an official Postcrossing card! Ahahahaha.. it could happen, right? But just don't know when :p

Karangasem, Bali

Mount Bromo

orangutan's skull

Tana Toraja
Sat 25/6 (11:00 pm)

Received : Stefan, Germany

Sat 25/6 (10:51 pm)

I got quite many cards from Germany, here's one of them.


Sat 25/6 (10:56 pm)

Direct : Seda, Turkey

Sat 25/6 (8:35 am)

A direct swap card for Seda but last time I asked, she hasn't received my card yet and I have no idea whether she has sent her card or not.

Sat 25/6 (8:50 am)

Sent : Saya, Japan

Sat 25/6 (8:33 am)

A Disney card for Saya :D

Sat 25/6 (8:40 am)

Sent : Sandra, USA

Sat 25/6 (8:21 am)

Gedung Sate's card for Sandra ;)

Sat 25/6 (8:34 am)