Friday, February 10, 2012

Direct : Susanna, Finland

Fri 10/2 (11:03 am)

Sending these cards to Susanna on last Feb 8.

Tanjung Benoa, Bali

Uluwatu, Bali
Fri 10/2 (11:06 am)

Direct : Onit, The Netherlands

Fri 10/2 (11:03 am)

Happy Valentine's Dayy, Onitt ;)

Fri 10/2 (11:04 am)

Direct : Lora, Russia

Fri 10/2 (11:01 am)

Hope she still remembers me, huehehehe :p

hope she likes this :)
Fri 10/2 (11:02 am)

Direct : Gail, USA

Fri 10/2 (10:57 am)

Some days ago I was browsing Postcrossers' users favourite pages and liked many of them.. one of the person who sent the card that I liked contacted me and said she still had the card that I liked and asked for my address.. can't wait to get it, hahaha..

Here are the cards that I pick for her ;)

Balinese girl

another Jetoy card
Fri 10/2 (11:01 am)

Sent : Claudia, Germany

Fri 10/2 (10:56 am)

Children in traditional clothes are on their way to meet Claudia :)

Fri10/2 (10:59 am)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Direct : Mami, Indonesia

Mon 6/2 (2:23 pm)

Once in a while I send a postcard for my mom, I thought that if I could spend that effort and time to send postcards for someone I didn't even know.. why not do the same for the ones I love? ;)

and i do love you soo much, Mamii!!
Mon 6/2 (2:27 pm)

Direct : Malle, Estonia

Mon 6/2 (2:18 pm)

These ones are for Malle, hope she likes 'em ;)

hope you have a great 2012

sleep well

cute cow, eh?

ahh.. another cutie
Mon 6/2 (2:25 pm)

Direct : Leng, Singapore

Mon 6/2 (2:16 pm)

This one is for Leng, my FB friend..

another cutie ;)
Mon 6/2 (2:18 pm)

Direct : Angel, Indonesia

Mon 6/2 (2:15 pm)

And this one is for my niece ;)

cute, ehh?
Mon 6/2 (2:17 pm)

Thank You : Maria, The Netherlands

Mon 6/2 (1:58 pm)

I sometimes send "thank you" cards at random.. usually the one who asked for me to send a card from my country on their Postcrossing card to me, didn't get any from me, ahahahaha :p


Prambanan Temple
Mon 6/2 (2:14 pm)

Direct : Mitsuyo, Japan

Mon 6/2 (1:47 pm)

And these ones are for Mitsuyo..

Barong, Bali

Batak dancers-1

Batak dancers-2

Dani tribe

Manado tua
Mon 6/2 (1:52 pm)

Direct : Grethe, Norway

Mon 6/2 (1:46 pm)

Another cards are being sent Grethe's way ;)

young Balinese dancers

Candi Borobudur

Malang @ night

purification @ Ubud, Bali
Mon 6/2 (1:49 pm)

Sent : Nastya, Russia

Mon 6/2 (11:25 am)

Another card under my niece's account :) And this time I succeededly wrote the card herself, ahahahaha :p

Mon 6/2 (12:22 pm)

Sent : Sabine, Germany

Mon 6/2 (10:02 am)

A quote card for Sabine.

Mon 6/2 (10:03 am)

Sent : Roger, China

Mon 6/2 (9:56 am)

I like what it said in the card ;)

Mon 6/2 (10:01 am)

Sent : Rose, USA

Mon 6/2 (9:55 am)

This is for Rose in USA.

Mon 6/2 (9:58 am)

Sent : Pamela, The Netherlands

Mon 6/2 (8:46 am)

Bangka Belitung's view for Pamela.

Mon 6/2 (8:49 am)

Direct : Onit, The Netherlands

Mon 6/2 (8:43 am)

These cards are for Onit and she has informed me that all the cards have been received, yeaahh ;)

Mon 6/2 (8:48 am)

Sent : Oksana, Ukraine

Mon 6/2 (8:38 am)

It has been a while since the last time I made a handmade card like this, which reminds me that I still owe someone my handmade card, huhuhu.. hope I find the mood to make another one :)

Mon 6/2 (8:43 am)

Sent : Masha, Russia

Mon 6/2 (8:37 am)

The doggie is soo cute, ehh?

Mon 6/2 (8:39 am)

Sent : Marlies, The Netherlands

Mon 6/2 (8:31 am)

A mountain village card for Marlies, this is one of my fave cards :)

Mon 6/2 (8:35 am)

Sent : Jussi, Finland

Mon 6/2 (8:30 am)

Candi Borobudur card for Jussi ;)

Mon 6/2 (8:34 am)

Sent : Juraj, Czech Republic

Mon 6/2 (8:25 am)

A view of Tanah Lot, Bali, for Juraj.

Mon 6/2 (8:30 am)

Sent : Joan, Taiwan

Mon 6/2 (8:23 am)

A view of Lombok for Joan.

Mon 6/2 (8:25 am)

Received : Jean, Singapore

Mon 6/2 (8:22 am)

I forgot the id for this card but this one's a lovely card of Singapore, Esplanade, if I'm not mistaken.

Mon 6/2 (8:24 am)

Sent : Echo, China

Mon 6/2 (8:17 am)

This one goes to China and for the first time when I went to Bandung last Chinese New Year, I saw this building with my very own eyes, ahahaha :p

Mon 6/2 (8:21 am)

Sent : Eleni, United Kingdom

Mon 6/2 (8:19 am)

Tana Toraja's houses for Eleni ;)

Mon 6/2 (8:20 am)

Sent : Roberto, Italia

Mon 6/2 (8:15 am)

This one is also sent under my niece's account :D

Mon 6/2 (8:18 am)

Sent : Alexie, Switzerland

Mon 6/2 (8:15 am)

I'm back sending postcards for my niece account again, haha..

Mon 6/2 (8:16 am)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stamps : Indonesia-8

Sun 5/2 (10:14 pm)

There should have been more but I forgot where I kept the pictures, ahahaha :p So as for this moment, just enjoy this one ;)

Komodo in Sea Games 2011

celebrating the Water Dragon year

I'll post some more when I can find the pics :D

Sun 5/2 (10:22 pm)