Monday, November 29, 2010

Reply : Vanessa, Switzerland

Monday 29/11 (2:56 pm)

And this one goes to Vanessa, Switzerland ;)

Reply to CH-63788
All these reply postcards and 3 other Postcrossing cards will be posted tomorrow, huehehehe..

Monday 29/11 (2:59 pm)


Reply : Barbara, Australia

Monday 29/11 (2:42 pm)

And this one goes to Barbara, Australia. And here's the pic..

Reply to AU-95175
Monday 29/11 (2:44 pm)


Reply : Marlene, Germany

Monday 29/11 (1:49 pm)

I've decided to send a reply postcard for anyone who mention their address in the card they send to me.

And this one goes to Marlene, Germany ;)

Reply card for DE-680561

Monday 29/11 (1:54 pm)


Received : Momo, China

Monday 29/11 (1:29 pm)

Got a card from the "Up" movie from Momo, China.

Have you seen "Up"? If you haven't, have some time to see it cause it's a great movie that teaches us many things about life ;)


Monday 29/11 (1:48 pm)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sent : Lena, Germany

Sunday 21/11 (11:52 am)

This one goes to Lena from Germany and ohh boyy.. how I lovee that she mentioned in her profile page for the sender to share their fave quotes, yeaaahh ^o^

a view of Candi Dasa, Bali (ID-7460)

I've posted all these postcards on Friday, would love to directly post them in the mobile post office but the car just ain't there, huhuhu.. so I posted these on the mailbox, dunno whether they take these on the same day or they're going to wait until Monday to pick these up.. but hopefully it won't take long for them to arrive to their destinations ;)

Sunday 21/11 (12:03 pm)

Sent : Yuyu, China

Sunday 21/11 (11:48 am)

After such a loooong time, I've decided to send another card via Postcrossing, I've actually had got the chance to send this one earlier, but I wait patiently until at least I could send two cards :p

This one goes to Yuyu, China.. and remind me next time.. I'd better stick to talking about quotes than trying to explain about my country, wakakakakak.. I'm bad at that one :p

a Balinese dancer (ID-7459)

Sunday 21/11 (11:50 am)

Sent : Ria, Indonesia

Sunday 21/11 (11:45 am)

And this one goes to Ria, Indonesia.

And I think it's right that each of us has that "X" factor that makes us different from one another, but perhaps we just haven't got the right opportunity yet to shine ;)

don't you think you also have one? ;)

Sunday 21/11 (11:46 am)


Sent : G, Indonesia

Sunday 21/11 (11:37 am)

I gotta say that I was kinda lost my spirits in these postcards kind of thing, huahahaha.. especially because the cards that I've sent took a long, and I mean a looooooooong time to get to its destination, huhuhu..

So in order to gain my spirits back, I've decided to send some cards for my friends, while waiting for my cards are being registered :p

Here's one that I pic for G, Jakarta.. I just lovee those words, it's one of my most fave verse and I'm hoping to be able to be like that one day ;)

can you see the words? If you cannot, just open your Bible in Habakkuk 3:17-18
Happy Sunday and God bless you ;)

Sunday 21/11 (11:40 am)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Received : Vanessa, Switzerland

Tuesday 2/11 (9:46 pm)

Another card that I got today is from Switzerland, the very first card I got from that country, hehehe..

lovely card with cows in it! woohoo.. love it! thanks, Vanessa ;) (CH-63788)

La la laa.. I'm wondering what's the next card would be, hihihi :D

Tuesday 2/11 (9:53 pm)

a wonderer soul

Received : Olga, Russia

Tuesday 2/11 (9:22 pm)

Today I got 2 postcards, yeaahh.. I actually wasn't expecting any since the cards that I got is the same amount as the ones I have sent and my travelling cards are still.. well.. travelling, ahahaha :p

she's having a vacation at Turkey and sent me a card from there, how nice :) (RU-242096)

Tuesday 2/11 (9:29 pm)

a wonderer soul

Monday, November 1, 2010

Received : Hanneke, The Netherlands

Monday 1/11 (6:09 am)

I got this card from Hanneke last Friday (Oct 29).

a nice picture of Dutch flag
Ohh.. Mr.P! folded the card again *hikss* I should get myself a mailbox soon!

Monday 1/11 (6:14 am)

a wonderer soul