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Thu 30/9 (1:26 am)

I'm soo much into Postcrossing's lately.. after for some years not having this kind of enthusiasm in snail mails, Postcrossing has brought back the energy to start over again with traditional mails cause although e-mails, chatting or sms are much faster, somehow.. I dunno.. feels like kinda lost its personal touch, ahahaha..

I'm kinda hooked with postcards lately and the first thing that I look for when I go to the bookstores is the postcards' sections and although I'm not stamps collectors, I begin looking for some stamps, too, to be put on the postcards I send, ahahaha..

It's such a nice new variation of my life now and I love it ;)

So this is what the blog is for, if you're interested in sending some postcards to random people, maybe you could consider join Postcrossing.

Give it a try and you might find yourself like it, too ^o^

Thu 30/9 (1:31 am)

a wonderer soul